My philosophy

Let food be your medicine and medicine your food. That quote from Hippocrates sums up my philosophy pretty well. You are what you eat, right? Good food can make you feel better, stronger, smarter and more joyful. Yes, our brain cares about what we eat. Food is not only a key to good health but also a source on pleasure, way to unite families and friends and a way to act on our beliefs. It is very important to align your thoughts with your actions and eat what you know is good for you.

Most people have a quite clear sense about what foods are healthy and what foods make them feel tired, sluggish or hungry for more. But rarely people actually listen. Or make the connection and act on that knowledge. We live in a very quick pace world where there’s not much time to really feel anything. Physical feelings as well as mental feelings are often pushed aside when we get busy doing our daily tasks or filling other peoples demands based what we should do.

So slowing down will definitely help with finding your optimal diet. And getting excited about life. I’m lucky since I have always been interested in health. But most of us, we have to ask ourselves, why? Especially, if we are still healthy and fit. In most cases I see people who have already lost some of their vitality, energy, health or good mood. And too often I meet people who have lost it all. But it’s never late. Our bodies are miracles and they heal by them selves when we give just a little support. Just like if you make a cut with a knife, it heals. Same way you can heal just by giving nutrient dense foods, happy thoughts and love.

So yes, there’s much more to healthy lifestyle that just great food. It is about how you sleep, how you move, the words you speak, it’s the people in our lives, higher purposes, spiritual connections and feeling you are worthy and loved. It’s about your biochemical imbalances, genes, exposure to chemicals, toxins or pathogens. It’s that stress you may experience, it’s your immunity, your gut health etc. But from all of these, I figured food is probably the easiest and most delicious way to start making better chooses.

So let’s put a little more love in our food and ourselves!

❤️ Sandra

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