My way of bulletbroof ‘coffee’

Like some of you might know, I get up early. And I mean really early. Most times too early to start cooking breakfast or waking up the neighbors with a juicer or a blender (sometimes that happens too, I’m sorry). That’s way I love this energy dense drink that gives an amazing boost to do some physical exercise or concentrate if a have to study. This recipe is my version of the world famous Bulletproof Coffee designed by Dave Asprey. Enjoy!

1-2 tbs of Coconut oil or any other superboost oil you find beneficial
(1-2 tbs of collagen protein)
1-2 cups of hot Chai tee
Just a hint of cinnamon, vanilla and stevia.

Mix everything together with a mini wisp. If you want to blend this drink in blender to get the perfect texture I recommend you to preheat the blender. It really makes a difference.

If you want to see the original recipe.

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