Who likes avocados?

Honestly, this one is my favorite fruit. I eat lot’s of avocados in many different ways. And luckily avocados are not only tasty but in fact very nutrient-dense foods and contain almost 20 vitamins and minerals. I mix them in salads, smoothies, on top of rice cakes or make delicious guacamole. But my favorite avocado food is still, the one and only, super famous, avocado pasta. I shall put the recipe of my version below, give it a try.

Ingredients for one portion of avocado pasta:
50g of rice noodles or you can also use zucchini sliced into thin strips
1 big avocado shopped
Few artichoke hearts
Handful of the best kalamata olives
2 or 3 tablespoon of good olive oil
1 tablespoon of lime juice
1/2 teaspoon of good salt
¼ teaspoon of black pepper
fresh cilantro and basilica

1. Mix olive oil, lime, salt, pepper, chopped garlic, cilantro and basilica.
2. Add in artichokes, olives or what ever you have in the cupboard.
3. Boil the rise noodles in super salty water.
4. Mix all the ingredients quickly and enjoy.

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